Dr. Nicole Tschierske

From resistance to resonance:

When the brilliant geeks on your team don’t want to nerd out about their favourite topic anymore, it’s likely because of how work is done in your company.

My mission is to show individuals and teams in STEM how to navigate corporate work life so they have more time, headspace and passion to do what they do best.


What’s your biggest concern right now?


“The experts on my team do stellar work, but they struggle to advocate for their projects.”

  • Our experts are often involved very late in projects and need to get better at representing themselves and our team so we can shape the work.
  • There are often misunderstandings and frustration between the experts and other, non-STEM, teams or customers. We have to improve those connections so we’re a respected partner in the business.
  • Stakeholder management is difficult, our counterparts often don’t seem to understand what we’re talking about (and sometimes even don’t want to listen). We need the right communication skills to increase our influence.

If you worry that this lack of collaboration leads to bad decisions, missed deadlines, and a frustrated team that lost its motivation, you’re right. Enter: The Remarkable Partnerships Masterclass.

The ‘Remarkable Partnerships Masterclass’ is a catalyst for teaming up with other teams across the organisation. The communication and collaboration skills your team develops allow you to break silo-thinking and leverage synergies for higher quality work and faster delivery.


“Our employees are stressed out and not sure why they switch on their computer in the morning.”

  • The high workload and other demands we’ve been facing lead to higher stress levels. Some of my team even report sleeping problems and bad health and I’m worried they’ll burn out. We need more than vitamins and fruit baskets so we can prevent this in a sustainable way.
  • Everybody’s white-knuckling their way to success, but motivation and engagement are at an all-time low. I’d like to have a personalised approach to lift the team up and regain momentum with ease.
  • There’s so much tension in the team, with other teams and even with customers because everyone’s so stressed. I want to build a culture with positive relationships and collaboration so we can leverage the full potential of our organisation.

Wishing it could all be a little more fun again and make sure your talent won’t go on long-term sick leave (or just leave)? Here’s the Beyond Resilience Masterclass.

In the ‘Beyond Resilience Masterclass’ you and your team uncover how to engineer your workday so you prevent burnout and stay motivated and engaged. We pair resilience with enthusiasm.


“We want more women in our STEM talent and leadership pipeline.”

  • The women in my team struggle with positioning themselves as experts and being taken seriously across the business. I’d love to see them develop the skills to advocate for themselves effectively so they’re recognized as valuable assets.
  • I try to help them with feedback to raise their visibility, but they don’t seem to know how to build their network. I’d like to see them be more comfortable making connections, even with senior stakeholders, so they get the recognition they deserve.
  • I’d like to put some women on my team on the talent track, but they doubt they’re good enough. I’d like to support them in feeling more confident so they can show up more fully and contribute.

Wondering if these women are thinking about leaving the company because they feel stalled in their careers? Yes, they are. I suggest you offer them a seat in the Springboard coaching program.

‘Springboard’ is designed to help women trust in their strengths, build their self-confidence, and develop the mindset that turns them from hesitant to feeling ready. They’ll also get the tools and strategies to build their network in the company and increase their visibility. The program works as 1:1 coaching or a group offering.

All programs and masterclasses are modular, rooted in evidence-based practices, and can be delivered in a 1:1 or group setting. I’m fluent in German and English.

The services are customised to meet you where you’re at and focus on a 70/20/10 approach:


Coaching and facilitation to build belief in yourself and your own resourcefulness, and to align the team.


Training and mentoring to show you how to accomplish the shift and prepare your team and your leaders.


Inspiration and aspiration to encourage you to dream bigger and consider exploring new ways of thinking and doing.

Not exactly what you were looking for?

Occasionally I can be persuaded to support favourite clients in other adventures, too. This might range from uniting the team behind a new vision, improving business processes, or facilitating journeys of positive change. We can best explore what exactly you need (and if I’m the right guide for you) in a first conversation.