Dr. Nicole Tschierske

Most of us can easily name behaviours that we’ve seen in our best and worst leaders that impact our own work experiences, but it isn’t always as easy to connect our own behaviours with others’ experiences. That’s where Better Work comes into play. If you’re a leader who cares about doing your part to make your people’s work happier, healthier, and more productive, this book is for you.

In this guide, you will find 50+ strategies you can use to support yourself and your team as you cope with a heavy workload, the impact of the physical workplace, dealing with bureaucracy, and managing conflict. These are what’s known as job demands. Then there are job resources such as freedom and autonomy, finding purpose or meaning, creating a positive climate, and giving great feedback. Understanding the interplay between these demands and resources is the key to designing better work.

Based on the Job Demands-Resources model, Better Work offers you evidence-based confirmation for all the things you’re doing well and inspiration for what to try next. In the introduction, you will find two assessments (one for job demands and one for job resources). Starting with these assessments will give you a personalised guide for reading the rest of the book. From there, you can jump to the chapters you want to focus on, follow the many cross references, and develop your own leadership training to address any specific situations as they arise.

Welcome to the world of better work!