Dr. Nicole Tschierske

As scientists, tech experts, engineers and leaders, striving for excellence is baked into your DNA.

My job is to remove the friction between you and your best work, so you don’t just achieve excellence — you enjoy every step of the way

You work every day to make a difference: For your company, your customers, and the world.

But instead of being able to focus on disrupting the status-quo, you find yourself struggling to keep your talent, communicate (and get the info you need) with other teams, and just get the everyday tasks done.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your R&D team is in a constant tug of war with marketing and other functions about feasibility assessments, project timelines, and the never-ending quality versus costs debate. Instead of being involved in projects and decision-making processes from the beginning, they’re often either consulted late or excluded from the conversation entirely.

The women on your team, or in your company, feel overlooked and undervalued, while their leaders struggle to fill the pipeline with exceptional talent.

And to top it off, the ever-increasing workload and changes in the company leave your teams stressed to the brink of burnout, and struggling to stay motivated and engaged (let alone loving their work).

No more of that! If you can (literally) do rocket science, you can make a bigger impact in the business. Whether you’re a leader, or The Leader.

Hi, I’m Nicole, and I do three things to help individuals, teams and companies flourish:

I help experts and R&D teams develop the skills to clearly communicate their insights in a way that turns stakeholders into partners and fans. So good ideas get approval faster, and innovation and engagement rise.

I redesign how organizations and teams approach their work to increase energy, enthusiasm and momentum (and productivity), instead of losing velocity to interpersonal or bureaucratic friction. I’ll teach you and your teams how to manage the daily demands of your work to reduce stress and prevent burnout, and activate inner and outer resources to increase energy, and stay motivated.

I help women in STEM position themselves as go-to experts in their company, become in-demand candidates for projects and promotions, and turn their career frustrations into a renewed love for their work.

Here’s some recent work with clients I’ve been particularly proud of:

The women I worked with in private coaching sessions built their confidence, stepped up in bigger ways at work, and received (unsolicited) raving feedback. That means they feel better about themselves, are better colleagues to their peers, better leaders to their teams, and better contributors to their organisations.

The experts I trained in communication skills use that new knowledge to improve collaboration, resolve conflicts, and better manage stakeholders. That way projects move forward faster and silo-thinking isn’t an issue anymore.

And then there’s the dev team who learned how to intentionally tap into internal and external resources at work that helps them better cope with job demands. They’re more resilient, more satisfied with their jobs, and are better partners to the company’s customers.

For leaders and organizations, that means:

  • Reduced turnover
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher engagement
  • Unhampered innovative thinking
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • A much more enjoyable office culture!

I'm Dr. Nicole Tschierske, a coach, trainer and facilitator who works with experts and teams in STEM fields. I specialise in Positive Psychology, Positive Leadership, and Advanced Problem Solving.

I’ve been doing this kind of ‚people work‘ since 2017 and have helped individuals and teams in research and development, supply chain, finance, data and coding, and operations do better work together.

My background, however, is in science; I am a bonafide nerd. I studied food chemistry, hold a PhD in chemistry, and spent the first years of my career in consumer goods innovation and product research departments.

I know what it feels like to be an expert and butt heads with colleagues in marketing, or have to reduce long reports that contain months worth of hard work and data to short, accessible presentations for senior management.

That love for science, that analysing and synthesizing way of thinking, the methodical approach and love for learning and exploration—all shine through in my current work with individuals and organisations.

I believe (and science proves) that the more we enjoy our work, the better we are at it.

My work is based on evidence-based concepts, practical tools that are fit for purpose, and a playful approach to excellence.

These are rooted in Positive Psychology and give us the means to work and lead with our strengths and enable people to flourish at work. 

The results are clear: Individuals and organisations benefit from using these practices.


↗️ confidence and self-belief

↘️ stress, anxiety and depression

↗️ 6x more engagement at work

↗️ energy and vitality

Teams and organisations

↗️ performance (36%), productivity (38%)

↗️ customer satisfaction scores (44%)

↗️ sales (19%)

↘️ employee turnover (50%)

People are also up to 18 times more likely to be flourishing and up to 3 times more likely to have an excellent quality of life. Leaders are twice as likely to succeed.

When working with individuals and teams, I pair these science-based strategies with my own experience working in the industry for over a decade. This shapes my unique approach to any challenge:

Rigorous, not rigid.

Analytical, not judgmental.

Ingenious, not imaginary.

That said, the biggest inspiration for my work is Mary Poppins.

Here’s why: (1) She makes everything seem light and like magic. Even hard lessons, tough decisions, and tricky trial-and-error implementation. (2) She gives you the dignity of your own process. Sure, she’s there to help, teach, and encourage. But she never makes you feel dumb or forces you down a path that isn’t uniquely your own. (3) She f*cks off when the work is done (when the wind changes or the door opens). Her intention is always just to help you transform and grow in a specific aspect of your life and not make you dependent on her as a guide. She sets you up for success before she leaves, but is also ready to come back again the next time you need her.

What you should probably know about me...

Born and raised in East Germany—which I think is the main reason for my figure-it-out-and-get-it-done attitude.

I love teaching! I first taught science to my imaginary school class in elementary school; then worked up to “real” kids and engineering students.

I’ve worked all kinds of side-jobs and got to appreciate the unique strengths and knowledge people from all walks of life have.

(I’ve done the paper route, packaged products on the shop floor, tutored students in STEM subjects, been a DJ and a bartender and spent plenty of hours in labs synthesizing, analysing and cleaning stuff up.)

I studied food chemistry (here’s me celebrating finishing my diploma) and hold a PhD in chemistry. But since then I got out of the lab and have worked with and supported teams in research and development (of course), supply chain, IT, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, coding & tracking, finance, …

I like being out in nature, spending time with friends and family and getting mesmerised by Mary Poppins. 

And I love the little dopamine hits my brain gets when reading books and articles and learning something new.

My credentials.

– certified Consultant of Positive Psychology

– Positive Leadership PERMA-Lead Certified

– Personal- and Business Coach 

– Certified Team Coach and Business Facilitator

– Prosci Change Practitioner, certified Change Manager

– Lean Competency System Level 1c certified (Green Belt)

– Advanced Problem Solving (Kepner-Tregoe)

Media bio:

Dr. Nicole Tschierske is a scientist and positive psychology coach who helps experts and teams in STEM do better work.

Nicole works with her clients improve their collaboration and communication skills so their work gets the momentum and recognition it deserves. She also helps construct ways of working that reduce stress, increase motivation and engagement, and deliver results.

Nicole lives in Hamburg, Germany, holds a PhD in chemistry and is trained in coaching, positive psychology, change management, and advanced problem-solving.

When she’s not buried in research papers and books you can find her taking long hikes in the German countryside or mesmerised by Mary Poppins on the screen.