Dr. Nicole Tschierske

Hi, I'm Dr. Nicole Tschierske. A coach, trainer, and facilitator.

I help scientists, tech experts, and leaders do better work by redesigning work systems to reduce stress and increase motivation. Using evidence-based concepts, practical tools that are fit for purpose, and a playful approach, I help teams reduce friction so they enjoy the pursuit of excellence.

As a scientist, with a PhD in chemistry, I’m  rigorous (without being rigid), analytical (without being judgemental), and ingenious (without being condescending).

That said, the biggest inspiration for my work is Mary Poppins.

Here’s why: (1) She makes everything seem light and like magic. Even hard lessons, tough decisions, and tricky trial-and-error implementation. (2) She gives you the dignity of your own process. Sure, she’s there to help, teach, and encourage. But she never makes you feel dumb or forces you down a path that isn’t uniquely your own. (3) She f*cks off when the work is done (when the wind changes or the door opens). Her intention is always just to help you transform and grow in a specific aspect of your life and not make you dependent on her as a guide. She sets you up for success before she leaves, but is also ready to come back again the next time you need her.

What you should probably know about me...

Born and raised in East Germany—which I think is the main reason for my figure-it-out-and-get-it-done attitude.

I love teaching! I first taught science to my imaginary school class in elementary school; then worked up to “real” kids and engineering students.

I’ve worked all kinds of side-jobs and got to appreciate the unique strengths and knowledge people from all walks of life have.

(I’ve done the paper route, packaged products on the shop floor, tutored students in STEM subjects, been a DJ and a bartender and spent plenty of hours in labs synthesizing, analysing and cleaning stuff up.)

I studied food chemistry (here’s me celebrating finishing my diploma) and hold a PhD in chemistry. But since then I got out of the lab and have worked with and supported teams in research and development (of course), supply chain, IT, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, coding & tracking, finance, …

I like being out in nature, spending time with friends and family and getting mesmerised by Mary Poppins. 

And I love the little dopamine hits my brain gets when reading books and articles and learning something new.

My credentials.

– certified Consultant of Positive Psychology

– Positive Leadership PERMA-Lead Certified

– Personal- and Business Coach 

– Certified Team Coach and Business Facilitator

– Prosci Change Practitioner, certified Change Manager

– Lean Competency System Level 1c certified (Green Belt)

–Lean Black Belt (Imperial Brands)

– Advanced Problem Solving (Kepner-Tregoe)