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The Joys of Being a Software Developer with Nick Proud

Software engineers are not the stereotype that they may be perceived as. “People know straight away that I work in IT, I mean, look at me.” is what Nick Proud says in this interview. But, the stereotype is diminishing. Anyone who has a passion for solving problems, logic, likes puzzles can become a software developer and it’s a very rewarding career. 

If you have tinkered with the idea of becoming a software engineer, this episode will show you that it’s a lot more fun and rewarding than it might seem in the stereotypes that you see in the movies.

In this episode of the Better Work podcast you’ll learn about all the joys of being a software developer – and how to be a good one:

✅ The many great challenges in software development

✅ Paths to becoming a software developer

✅ How collaboration and the Agile framework support

✅ What single points of failures are

✅ Strategies to exchange knowledge

✅ How to fail quickly at low cost

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Listen to the full conversation: 

Our guest today is Nick Proud. Nick is a software developer and lead software developer. He has the responsibility of looking after a team of software developers as well as doing his own work. Nick’s main area of focus is in robotics automation.


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