Dr. Nicole Tschierske

Team Collaboration in Research & Development with Dr. Gwenaëlle Lefeuvre

“For me, maybe the thing that I learned that had the deepest influence on me was that when you respect the people you work with, and when you make it very explicit that respect, it comes back to you a hundredfold. And it’s really this magic of what happens when people are doing their best together. That makes any work or any career really worth it.”

Our guest today is Dr. Gwenaëlle Lefeuvre an experimental particle physicist by training. But she didn’t necessarily want to be an academic physicist. So she spent about half of her career in a very traditional setting in academia. Gwenaelle completed her PhD thesis and a couple of postdoc contracts in different countries, working in international collaborations. In the second half of her career (so far) she moved to industrial research and development. She also hosts The Diffracted Word, a side project she started to look for interesting scientific SMEs in the UK and in the EU. 


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