Dr. Nicole Tschierske

Stakeholder Management and Relationship Building with Dr Damilola Fajuyigbe

“The 50:30:20 approach changed my life. Understanding that you’re not always going to be looking for a job that’s gonna 100% satisfy you. I don’t think it exists. Even entrepreneurs say this is not going to be all glitz and glamour 100%. Understanding that you need to enjoy your job and extremely enjoy your job to 50% of the time. Be okay, 30% of the time, and 20% of the time… that 20% is the part that’s going to be a challenge and it has to be there. Otherwise, you’re not challenging yourself to just enjoy and coast.”

Our guest today is Dr Damilola Fajuyigbe, a scientist by training, by nature and by passion. She did her PhD in molecular biology in London and then moved on very quickly from the world of academia to join the corporate world. Damilola now works in the field of medical lobbying, medical direction, and scientific direction for a big company.


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