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Shaping Career Paths That Spark Excellence with Dr. Sian Rowsell

It’s never too late to make a change in your career. And it’s really important to know exactly what it is that you love to do. You may need to take yourself away from your normal environment to figure that out: What is the stuff that you really love? What is it that you really enjoy doing? What’s the stuff you would do for free? Figure out what that is and then make sure you’re doing that in more of your life.

In this episode of the Better Work podcast you’ll learn:

✅ To understand when it might be time for a career change

✅ How to uncover what you want to do next

✅ Why leaders should consider helping their team members move on

✅ What questions leaders can ask (and how)

✅ How organisations can get better at matching people to jobs

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Dr Sian Rowsell PhD is an award-winning coach, helping women who are leaders in science forge ahead in their careers, realise their full potential and achieve the perfect work/life balance. Following a PhD at Imperial College, and a post-doc at the University of Leeds, Sian enjoyed a very successful and varied career in pharmaceuticals at AstraZeneca. After 16 years in a corporate role, she began asking herself the question: “What next?”  – ever since then, she’s been coaching and facilitating others to find their passion and direction.

For more information, please email sian@sianrowsell.co.uk, connect with Sian on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sianrowsell/ or visit www.sianrowsell.co.uk

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