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Making Time for What Matters with Nina Dedic

How well do you take care of continuous learning? And are you making sure that you not only develop your technical skills but also your human skills? Nina advocates for balancing a well-rounded set of technical and human skills. That is something she learned on the way as she progressed through her career. It wasn’t part of her university studies. But next to growing and learning, there are other important things we should make time for at work.

In this episode of the Better Work podcast you’ll learn:

✅ continuous learning for yourself and your team

✅ valuable meetings for knowledge sharing or learning from failure

✅ stakeholder engagement for more realistic deadlines

✅ what pay, the working conditions, and trust have to do with excellence

✅ how task-sharing helps a team to get organised

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Listen to the full conversation: 

Our guest today is Nina Dedic, an IT professional who studied Computer Science. She started as a software developer in 2004. From there, after several years, she began to work as a project leader (back when the waterfall model was in trend). Another few years later, she switched to the role of product owner (now Scrum was something that was popular). And in 2021, she switched to a new position as a development lead and heads the core development department.


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