Dr. Nicole Tschierske

Accountability in Consumer Goods Innovation Teams with Dr. Stefan Biel

To make a team in consumer goods innovation work (to make any team work), you have to take care of the people and take care of relationships. You can gather any knowledge and learn any technical skill. You can train people to do almost any task. But relationships are the one important thing that carries the whole rest of capability.

In this episode of the Better Work podcast you’ll learn about the 7 key ingredients for dream teams in product innovation:

✅ Accountability and responsibility

✅ Balancing obligation vs. freestyle

✅ Knowing when YOU’RE accountable. (And when to get out of the way.)

✅ Inspiring your team.

✅ Giving room for learning and focusing on what’s working.

✅ Creating a positive team climate.

✅ Using processes as means to an end

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Listen to the full conversation: 

Our guest today is Dr. Stefan Biel. He’s a natural scientist by education: Stefan studied biotechnology and worked on viruses for his PhD thesis. He joined the cosmetics industry as the lab leader for analytics doing electron microscopy. From there, he developed into someone who’s interested in understanding why people do stuff. Consumers in particular. That’s why he’s interested in innovation. Doing something that makes life easier for people no matter how big or small the step might be. 


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